Thursday, January 6, 2011


Boredom     n. the condition of being bored.

 I find myself in this condition during the winter months. I know, I know their is always heading over to Iowa or Paradise Springs to cure the B-word. I think for me I gut stuck in the winter mode tying, daydreaming, and watching fishing videos. So for all of you with the dreaded boredom going on here are a couple of websites that might help or possibly make it worse! Cheers!     Drake Magazine website     Online Magazine with great photography      Online home of Deneki Outdoors

I also like to keep a eye on some local websites, blogs, etc....      David Heyman's blog       A variety of writers from around the world all in one place.     Stream of TIme blog by Len Harris     blog by Andy Winterstein

Boredom starting to set in!
 These are just a few that I check out but there are lots lots more. Happy surfing if the B-word ever kicks in!!

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