Friday, September 24, 2010

Wi RIver smallies.

The water levels on the Lower WI River finally cooperated enough to get out and do a guide trip. The Praire du Sac dam read 7,000cfs but the river seemed lower than that. The smallies hit everything as long as it was white! Small pods of fish were crushing shad but the takes with the flies were subtle.
Larry with a nice smallie. This fish was relesed unharmed.

Bryan with another smallie.

Bryan's suprise Bowfin!
 We even landed a suprise bowfin!

Mousing King!

Mr. Brown

Nice mousing fish!

The catch of the night for the chub king!

Kurt sent me some photos of a recent mousing trip to southwestern WI. The fish were responsive to the mouse and he even landed a suprise fish! I think we might call him the chub king now!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Norther WI Smallmouth Trip

Hey everyone. I am trying to put together a trip for smallies up in northern WI. Checkout the Simms trailor for what the fishing is like.

Here is a link to catch magazine.....flip thru the pages to find the Simms trailor.

Black River

A view of what we walked th boat thru.

Walking the boat thru the boulders.

My biggest of the trip.


Dan with his first smallis on a fly rod.

Todd with a nice smallie
Todd and myself had the opportunity to go to the Black River on Monday and Tuesday. A friend of the shop Dan has a cabin right on the river so we could get to fishing right away. It turned out to be a great float on Monday, we landed lots of fish, nothing huge Todd even got a small muskie. Tuesday was a little bit of a circus dragging a driftboat thru some very shallow rapids. But the fish we bigger. Thanks Dan for the cabin and I would love to fish it again......for MUSKIE!!