Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Musky Fever!

Since I haven't posted anything here in a few days, I thought it might be time to give a update and show off some pictures of recent fish.
 The WI trout season has been closed for some time now but that doesn't mean everyone should just stop fishing. We have salmon/steelhead runs in the Lake Michigan tribs., Iowa trout season is open year round, and a few of the warmwater fisheries are giving up some great fish right now.
 I have done some great trips to Iowa already and plenty of great fish to the the net. Late season floats down the WI River have been hit or miss, low water on the tribs. has the runs kinda screwy right now, and the most consistent fishing as of late has been Musky fishing. I have been out 4 times in the past two weeks and the results have been GREAT!
 We have boated 4 Musky the two biggest over 40". We have had two dare I say Giant follows and we have hooked up but lost three other magnificent fish. The weather has been all over the map from cold drizzly days to nice warm calm sunny days and the fish are still cooperative. If you ever thought about giving thhis type of fishing a try now is the time.
 Nice but beat up Musky! Scary to think something bigger than this fish was chomping at it.

Close up of why you don't lip Musky.

Matt's first Musky ever and it's on a fly rod! 41" 14lb

I love the color of these fish.

Safe release to get bigger!
 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We decided it was time to head over to Lake Wingra for some Muskie fishing. With the nearly perfect conditions when we arrived my thoughts turned to Monday when we got spanked by the fishies. To steal a saying from a fellow angler we had a "expression of interest" within the first hour, plenty more casting followed when Todd spotted some activity on the surface and Kurt began casting 3 casts later we had what we were looking for. When we finally got it to the net it pulled the Boga Grip to 15lbs and we estimated 40"-42" fish. To say the least Kurt was pretty happy! We missed one more nice nice fish and then we decided we should get some work done.

Beautiful day minus fish.

Myself, Todd, and Gary headed out on the WI river for what we thought we be a great day of smallie fishing. Weather and flows were all in our favor. The river in the morning looked like glass with dead calm conditions and some fish breaking the surface. But as luck or no luck would have it we had a nice full day of casting practice!! We did manage a couple of fish though.
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 Myself and Todd would like to thank Gary for all his work so far on our website.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Iowa Guiding

I was over in Northeast Iowa this past friday and saturday for some fun fishing and a guide trip. The fishing was very good. Friday was a little chilly but that didn't stop the fish from eating. Nymphing in the morning and in the afternoon some fish on dries.

Brown fell for the Pink Squirrel.

Best brown of the day on friday.

Will and a nice brown

close up

Will and his first of many rainbows saturday

close up

Pete and his first dry fly bow of the day

close up
 Saturday was guiding and I could only hope the fishing would remain good. I got my anwser on one of the guys first cast. Pulled a nice brown in. That set the tone for the rest of the day. In the afternoon we encountered a olive hatch and had surface feeding fish in every run.