Sunday, October 10, 2010

Iowa trout fishing

Brown on the South Bear

Brown on the North Bear.

Fat Rainbow from the North Bear Creek.

Waterloo Creek

Public access point.

View from our campsite.

Brown on Waterloo Creek.

End of the day refreshments!
I was able to head over to Iowa for a few days and check out the trout streams. Mostly a scouting trip for upcoming guide trips but we did manage to get some fishing in. For those of you that don't know Iowa has a year round trout season and really isn't that far of a drive from the Madison or Chicago area.
 Iowa has 34 streams now that have naturally reproducing populations of browns and brookies. They also stock a healthy number of rainbows. The creeks I was able to check out all looked to be in great shape and the fish were more than williing to take flies. The weather was in the 70's and bluebird skies so fishing was a little slower than normal. I will put up another post of places to stay around where we fished.

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